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The Masters of the Wooden Nickel CD has been released!


"A celebration of good music and good times."
Friends who performed at the Wooden Nickel Restaurant in Crockett, Texas 
got together and made a CD.  The result is good for your ears.
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Tunes on the CD:
1 Bile the Cabbage/June Apple/Old Joe Clark
2 Rivers of Texas
3 Unclouded Day 
4 Old Needle Case
5 Four Nights Drunk  Sound Clip of Four Nights Drunk
6 Susanna Gal
7 Blow Ye the Trumpet Entire Track (2.2 MB MP3 file) 
8 Dear Little Stranger Sound Clip of Dear Little Stranger 
9 When the Roll is Called Up Yonder
10 Dixie Sound Clip of "Dixie"
11 John Brown's March Sound Clip of John Brown's March
12 Spotted Pony
13 Silver Dagger Sound Clip of Silver Dagger
14 Rock the Cradle Joe
15 The Blackest Crow
16 Minstrel Boy Sound Clip of The Minstrel Boy
17 Shepherd's Wife Waltz
18 Will the Circle Be Unbroken
19 Down the River Sound Clip of Down The River
20 Amazing Grace
21 I Bid You Goodnight
That's just about 71 minutes of all-acoustic music.
Folks on the CD are Jim & Marian Hull, Gary Hamilton, Lloyd & Georgia Shell, 
June McAdams, Kathy Davis, Ken Ryan, Bill Thurman, Jerry & Margaret Wright, 
Hollis Wright, Lloyd Wright, Neal & Coleen Walters, Don Pedi, Debbie Porter, 
Justin & Linda Marquez, Frank Miller and Durelle Kincel.
Linda & I recorded Track #8 (with acoustic guitar, silver flute and vocals) as 
our  part of this project.  The liner notes pay homage to Kate Campbell, from 
whose gospel CD "Wandering Strange" we learned it.
The CD has about 71 minutes of music on it.  There are some all 
instrumentals, but there are a lot of tracks with vocals as well.  It is a nice
mix of songs and  styles. All the cuts are straight acoustic recording – 
Many of the artists are accomplished and serious amateur musicians; 
some are professional.  Some are championship winners  in various 
competitions at festivals across the land. Most of these folks get together 
to jam whenever we can!
If you are interested in a copy of this CD, for a limited time we are offering 
free shipping to the “lower 48 States” with the regular cost of $15. 
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Safe Journeys and Sweet Music,
Justin and Linda