Leon River Waltz Songbook Sound Clips and Partial Lyrics


(Note - The bold text matches the sound clips [mostly!] )


A Million Voices

Sound the choir of million voices;

Sing His Praise, Sing His Praise

Sing along with the joyful music

God is Love, God is Love

Let the Heavens sound with the words of praise

God is Great!

All the choirs above sing the words of love

God is great!


Caprock Waltz

He saw her at the Grand Pavilion, at the county fair last fall.

She was a classic western cowgirl

A beauty long and tall.

He saw her glide across the dance floor.

She held his heart within her smile

He was just a common cowboy

That first step, it seemed a mile.


  He asked for the "Caprock"

  After all, it's just one dance.

  He held her waist; she held his heart

  He never had a chance!

  They danced to "Caprock Waltz"

  And the music drew them near.

  And the magic of “ol’ caprock”

  Made the night seem more the dear.


Comanche Trail



Heart Song

Some days life can be so hard, Lord

Sometimes doubts begin to rise

Send your spirit to my soul, Lord

Give me strength to live for you.


  Tho' my eyes can not behold you,

  My heart knows you are there.

  Forgive my lack of faith Lord

  Let your praise become my heart song.


Leaving You Once Again

We work hard to provide for our loved ones.

And sometimes this old world just don't seem fair!

"Providing" often takes us away

That's nearly more than we can bear!


  Leaving you once again

  I'll be back, I don't know when.

  Take this kiss as a token and sign.

  Leaving you once again...

  My true love and my best friend

  Oh, how it hurts to leave you one more time.


Leon River Waltz



My Shepherd Restores

My Shepherd is walking with me.

My Shepherd is walking with me.

mid the green pastures,

Beside the still waters,

O, He's restoring my soul.


  We know, we are His sheep,

  And He does love us so.

  O, He has offered us life.


Sing Another Carol

Shall we sing another carol?

Shall we raise another hymn?

To the babe within a manger

who has come to save us all.

Yes, we'll sing another carol,

Raise another hymn.

And with all our voices praise him,

The one who saved us all.


Skunk On The Porch

Oh there's a skunk on my porch to night.

Oh what can I do about it?

Oh there's a skunk on my porch to night.

Please don't let the puppy dog out!


  Dogs and skunks never should meet.

  If they do, you still smell it yet.

  Oh there's a skunk on my porch tonight.

  Bar the door and keep the dog in!


Slow Down And Praise The Lord

All the news you've heard today

Makes you fearful, makes you cry,

Be still and know the Lord.

Think of the price He has paid for you and me

We are so precious to God!

Let him soothe your weary soul.

Sing His Praises joyfully

Slow down and sing His praise.


That Old Gospel Music

In that church in the wildwood,

 I fall on my knees

Wrapped up in that sweet hour of prayer.

Leaning on the ever lasting arms I pray,

Take me to the land of the unclouded day.


 I've got a passion for singing  that old gospel music

 I'll sing it till the day that I die.

 I'll join that angel band over in the glory land,

 Singing where the soul never dies.


Walk On, Brother, Walk On

Don't let anyone take your dreams.

Don't let someone else put you down.

Life's a road that we all walk on.

Walk on brother walk on.


Keep on trying and keep on smiling

and keep on walking that road.

Build that dream with a song in your heart.

Walk, on brother, walk on.


When Cowboys Go Courting

Ride with me upon a moonlit mesa.

Count with me the stars that hang above.

Tell me dear if you will love me."

Says the cowboy to his girl.


When cowboys court their sweethearts,

under starry skies,

The night wind sings to them a love song

Whistling down the quiet canyons.


All these songs were composed by Linda Marquez, except for “Leaving You Once Again” and “Caprock Waltz” which were composed by Justin Marquez.


The printed book with all these songs, including a “demo CD”, will be available by May 1, 2004.  Even though none of the “demo CD” tracks has vocals, all the songs as printed in the book do include lyrics, except for “Leon River Waltz” and “Comanche Trail”. 


The book has a melody lead line in traditional music notation (i.e. “sheet music”), along with chord names for guitar (or other backup chord instrument) as well as a lead line of mountain dulcimer tablature and MD chords.  The songs with words (11 of them) have their lyrics printed between the notation lead line and the MD tablature.  The cover includes a beautiful West Texas sunset in full color.


Our book is published by Afghan Press (operated by Melody’s Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe in Houston). 

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Safe Journeys and Sweet Music,

Justin and Linda Marquez

Snyder, TX